1.296 m
9 m
28,21 km

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bei Bei’anhe, Beijing (China)


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  • Johnny.B. 28.06.2015

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    Great tour, thank you very much for recording!
    A friend and I did the tour on 2015.06.27 - we had no problems finding the way. You can walk exactly as the track shows you. I took some additional pictures (also with very humid and a little bit smoggy weather; the sight is therfore not super clear): https://plus.google.com/100941753423801412184/posts/h7H6WMtSqjC
    Do not forget to take sufficient water with you (I'd recommend at least 2l per person). There are shops on the way if you need more.
    You'll also need to pay 40 ¥/person for the entrance at Miaofeng Mountain (if you do not walk around it somehow) and 5 ¥ for car parking ;-)

    Rating (I'd rate it difficult):
    It depends on how humble you are, but an overal altitude difference of about 2800m and ~25km track (with no 'walking to sightseeing spots) really takes a very good fitness.
    You should start early (not after 10am), bring sufficient water (2l/person), some money to get some water underway if necessary and some power bars.
    The scenery is super great (https://plus.google.com/100941753423801412184/posts/h7H6WMtSqjC) and it's no problem to follow the track; there is always a path which you can follow on any meter of the route.

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