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Koordinaten 500

Hochgeladen 18. Oktober 2012

Aufgezeichnet Oktober 2012

1.588 m
499 m
18,74 km

angezeigt 1248 Mal, heruntergeladen 4 Mal

bei Bad Goisern, Upper Austria (Austria)

Walk from Bad Goisern to Goiserhutte and Gosau

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  • Foto von hallstattfan

    hallstattfan 19.10.2012

    To pass the Goiserer hut without 1 minute break by noon 12:30 is already a Performance (achievement).
    But why?
    Nevertheless, every normal hiker enjoys there at the top the view far in Styria and in the mountain world of the Salzburg Country (land).
    (translated by reverso)

  • Hillbilly 19.10.2012

    the hutte was "packed" with walkers "celebrating" October Fest, so we stopped at a lower level for a quick sandwich ,took in the view, before proceeding to Gosau.We wanted to be there with sufficient daylight left,as one member was nursing a slight back injury from the walk from Bad Ischl to Bad Goisern,via the Predigstuhl the day before.

    Thanks for commenting.

  • Foto von hallstattfan

    hallstattfan 19.10.2012

    Excuse Hillbilly, I did not want to be so pert like it sounds. I analyzed your Track with the GTA (GPS-TRACK-ANALYSE-NET) and the statistics said: no break more largely than 3 minutes.
    It was very reasonable to come in time to Gosau. Not very far from there a hiker has got (advised) this week in mountain trouble in the nearness of the Wiesberghaus because of exhaustion and undercooling . This can become expensive.

  • Hillbilly 19.10.2012

    hello Hallstattfan, yes we were worried about the effects of exhaustion and exposure;especially when we are total strangers to the area,hence the aim to be out of the mountain before sunset. We were navigating using 1:50,000 scale maps and printed instructions from an english tour company . :>) .

  • Foto von hallstattfan

    hallstattfan 19.10.2012

    Hello Hillbilly, You are the the right type to survive in this region ! The famous Luis Trenker always said: Your first mistake can be Your last mistake.
    The same problems (without problems of health) I had on November 16th 2011, wen I crossed the Sarstein from north to south. You will find Pictures from this tour at http://www.panoramio.com/photo/62340161 or here at my last upload. Excuse my english - many faults are caused by wikiloc - they always change the writing.

  • Hillbilly 20.10.2012

    Hello Hallstattfan, nice pictures. Must plan to walk the other side of the Hallstätter See should we ever pass the region again.The closest we got to Obertraun was to take the cable car to "Krippenstein" and the five fingers.


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