Koordinaten 206

Hochgeladen 12. Oktober 2017

360 m
346 m
5,94 km

angezeigt 213 Mal, heruntergeladen 3 Mal

bei Squilax, British Columbia (Canada)

This October 7, 2017 track runs along the viewing area for the Adams River Sockeye Salmon spawning run. The river and lake are also popular with fly fishers at this time. Bicycles share some of the trails.
The visitor's center is on the left when walking from parking to the start of the main trails. It has a small gift shop and displays about the Sockeye salmon cycle.
Outdoor toilets here Trail leads to the main viewing platform over the Adam's River.
From the platform one can view the sockeye salmon run.
Fishing activity here, Bright red sockeye are easy to see on October 7, 2017.
Hiking through forest towards mouth of the Adams river. Autumn colours are very impressive (October 7, 2017).
Observed some catching large fish here in the short time we were at the location.
There are many meander channels on the forest near the river. Some are spawning channels, (if connected to river). Beavers are active in some places. Bicycles also use these trails.
These cottonwoods are very large and tall


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