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bei Las Entinas, Andalucía (España)

Paraje Natural Punta Entinas-Sabinar houses one of the best preserved dune systems in Europe and kilometers of unspoiled beaches of fine sand, along with a variety of animal and plant species. This beautiful spot is located southeast of the Iberian Peninsula between the towns of El Ejido and Roquetas de Mar and has 450ha of flood plains.

In these lands,where there is water scarcity, sand dunes and high salt concentration prevails,we only find resistant vegetation, perfectly adapted to the area, such as the sea lily, the black savin, mastic and other kinds of Mediterranean scrub.As for fauna, it highlights the presence of at least 7 different species of gulls and many other birds, weasels, rabbits, foxes and small reptiles and small insects.
There are several trails from which you can explore this place, if you love nature or just want to play sports, you can go hiking or biking. If you like to watch the birds in their habitat we suggest you scroll through the Sendero de las Salinas del Cerrillo running through marshes, ponds and salt marshes where they feed, live and nest.

Around the park there is a large urban pressure and intensive agricultural activity in a greenhouse shape forming a sea of plastic, which makes the conservation of this place even more difficult and valuable.
The beaches of Paraje Natural Punta Entinas-Sabinar
Within the park are several beaches with a very low level of occupation, where it merges the coast and nature, isolated, lonely and quiet places, ideal for those looking to get away from the crowds.
In its seabed, diving enthusiasts can enjoy the large seagrass meadows that make the water so transparent and clear in this place.

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There is a signpost hjere: Almerimar GR 92 1 hour', a diiferent route from the one we took.


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