• Foto von Anello Porto San Stefano - Capo d'Uomo
  • Foto von Anello Porto San Stefano - Capo d'Uomo

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bei Monte Argentario, Toscana (Italia)

Monte Argentario is a promontory stretching towards the Tyrrhenian Sea in southern Tuscany. The two main villages on Monte Argentario are Porto Santo Stefano, chief town, facing north, and Porto Ercole facing south. West of the Monte Argentario are the islands of Giannutri and Giglio, part of the Tuscan Archipelago’s National Park. The ferryboats depart for the islands of Giglio and Gianutri depart from Porto San Stefano.
This itinerary from Porto San Stefano to Torre di Capo d'Uomo and back is one of the best hikes on Monte Argentario. From the old harbor of Porto San Stefano, the path climbs up to Poggio Spadino and Poggio Vacca and reaches Capo d’Uomo halfway, where one can enjoy breathtaking views of the sea. The Tower of Capo d’Uomo is facing Cala Piccola. On the way back the path passes the Argentiera tower and ends at the Fortezza Spagnola.
This spectacular itinerary takes off in Porto San Stefano, near one of the public parking, on Lungomare Navigatori, reaches along the hillside towards the Torre Capo d'Uomo, overlooking Cala Piccola, and ends on Lungomare Navigatori at the northern side of the harbor of Porto San Stefano.

Trattoria Lo Sfizio on Lungomare Navigatori is a good choice for lunch or diner.

Rock climbers can enjoy two spectacular excursions in the Argentario:
Capo d’uomo cliff – Considered one of the most beautiful cliffs over the sea in Italy, it is a continuous technical climb.

History of Monte Argentario
The promontory, probably already inhabited by the Etruscans, was a personal property of the Domitii Ahenobarbi family, who obtained it in return for the money they lent to the Roman Republic in the Punic Wars. The current name probably finds its origin here, since Argentarii was the name of money lenders in ancient Rome.

Later an imperial possession, it was ceded to the church by Constantine the Great in the 4th century AD. In the Middle Ages, due to the reduced traffic passing on the nearby Via Aurelia, the area was sparsely settled. In the heart of the Middle Ages, the promontory became a possession of the Monastery of San Paolo in Rome.[4] It represented in the so-called Carolingian Gate at the Monastery of St. Anastius outside Rome. Following the history of Orbetello, the promontory was a possession of the Aldobrandeschi, the Orsini, King Ladislaus of Naples and Siena, until Spain acquired it in the late 16th century. The Spaniards heavily fortified the two ports, as the main stronghold of the State of Presidi. In 1815, after Napoleon's defeat, the Argentario was handed over to the Grand Duchy of Tuscany, to which it belonged until 1860, when it became part of the newly united Kingdom of Italy.

The painter Michelangelo Merisi, known as Caravaggio, died of a fever at Porto Ercole in 1610.

During World War II, the settlements of Argentario were heavily bombed, with numerous losses. The port of Santo Stefano was destroyed and was rebuilt only in the 1950s. The railway that connected Orbetello to the mainland was never rebuilt.
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Holiday house Podere Santa Pia lies on a hill overlooking the Valle d’Ombrone, a beautiful and miraculously intact valley in Southern Tuscany. The views stretch as far as Monte Argentario and the island Montecristo.
Two of the best hiking routes in Montalcino is the walk from Montalcino to the Abbey of Sant Antimo and the Anello Sant’Antimo, a circular walk starting and ending at the abbey. Monte Argentario is an hour drive away, and a perfect destination for a day-trip.

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Trattoria Lo Sfizio

Trattoria Lo Sfizio Lungomare Navigatori, 26 trattoriapizzerialosfizio.com +39 0564 812592

Biglietteria Traghetti

Biglietteria Traghetti per Giglio



Capo d'Uomo


Poggio Spadino

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