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bei Crail, Scotland (United Kingdom)

Easy coastal walk passing by the most eastern point in Fife, Fife Ness headland. You also walk on a golf course, on the beach, through a wildlife reserve, along a farm track, and pass by Constantine’s Cave. The sea is teeming with sea birds here, especially gannets flying in formation and occasionally diving. The stretch along the sea is on the clearly marked Fife Coastal Path. There are no facilities on the way.
The start in on a parking by the sea at the end of a small asphalt road. You directly walk towards the sea and enter the Fife Coastal Path. This area is part of a Wildlife Reserve, the Kilminning Coast Wildlife Reserve. It is a low, rocky coast with grass and bracken. You follow the path to Fife Ness, where a lighthouse is located. You go around the headland and arrive on a minor asphalt road with caravans and some other buildings. You follow the road until you turn right on the Coastal Path. You walk on the edge of the Crail Golf Club, so watch out for golf balls… You pass by Constantine’s Cave, where Constantine II, King of Alba, was supposedly killed. A bit further the coastal path diverts onto the beach which you follow for 400 m. The path then re-enters the edge of the golf track and you follow this path for 600 m more. You then cross the golf course to a gate which you climb to get on the grassy farm track on the other side. You follow this track past some farm cottages and the Balcomie Farm and castle remains until you get to the minor asphalt access road to the parking. You follow this road past a former airfield on your right side, which has partly been turned into a kind of race track. On the left side is a kart track. Soon, you are back to the start.

Asphalt road along disused airfield and Crail Raceway

Minor asphalt road with potholes past a disused airfield, Crail Raceway, and a karting track, to the parking.


Farm and castle remains

Coast path on golf course

The coast path gets off the beach back on the golf course

Constantine's Cave

Cave where Constantine II, King of Alba, was supposedly killed

Fife Ness

Headland at the most eastern point of Fife. There is a lighthouse here, as well as caravans and some other buildings


This gate is closed and you have to climb it to get on the farm track beyond.

Golf course

Here you get to Crail Golf Course and walk on it close to the coast. Watch out for golf balls.

Grassy Farm Track

Grassy Farm Track bringing you to Balcomie Farm

Kilminning Coast Wildlife Reserve

Nature reserve on the coast

Walk on the beach

Here you have to go off the golf course and walk a 400 m stretch on the beach


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