1.448 m
1.084 m
21,32 km

angezeigt 48 Mal, heruntergeladen 3 Mal

bei Reykjahlíð, Norðurland Eystra (Ísland)

We tried to get to the top of Þorvaldstindur (1516 m) mountain starting from Vikraborgir Car Park where people leave the car to get to viti. Unfortunately we had to turn around about 400 meters before the summit because we found the ridge too steep and difficult.

Starting from the car park and after a few flat kilometres we get to viti where you can get down to the crater and have a swim in hot water. We make a left here and we start going up slowly until we reach the ridge. Up until here the path is well marked since we are following the track that goes to Dreki campsite. From here onwards there is no path marked. We try to stay on the ridge as much as possible to avoid ups and downs although it is not always possible. You have to be careful on this part since there could be landslides and also there is no one to help you.
After quite a few hours walking on the ridge we get to the final part of the ridge that consists of black rocks. We start going up this part but after a few meters things get tougher and we decide to turn around.

Although we didn't get to the summit we enjoyed really great view most of the way.

Maybe if more people follow this route and it becomes more popular they end up installing some fixed ropes or chains in order to make the last bit easier to reach the summit.



Start and end of track (parking)


Summit 1


Summit 2


Turn around


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