1.838 m
1.198 m
14,17 km

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bei Tróodos, Eparchía Lemesoú (Cyprus)

Schöner Rundweg, gut ausgeschildert; alle 500 Meter mit einer Bank ausgestattet; fast dauernd weiter Ausblick; relativ wenig gelaufen, also einsam, wenngleich der Ausgangspunkt (Troodos Square) ein belebter Touristenorte ist; Wegbeschaffenheit: Sand, Kies und Felsen; eine Quelle (Trinkwasser) und der Eingang zu einer alten Mine liegen am Weg.

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  • maximark 30.04.2017

    Caveat. All the Cypriot published info and placards indicate that this is a 12 km trail. Nope. Look at Guenter's mileage above. His is a more accurate length: 14-15 KM. Great views. Much bird life and a great variety of flora. Bring water. No difficult sections; just walking and benches place strategically for you to rest and take in the views. DO NOT approach the mine entrance. Possibility of rockfall along the entire length of the trail, so if you hear some noise above you, duck and cover.

  • Foto von Phil.L

    Phil.L 20.08.2017

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    Trail very easy to find and to follow. Nice scenery. Some training required mainly because of the length of the trail. Otherwise, easy trail with no technical difficulty

  • Raymond Sey 10.03.2018

    Reasonably easy trail with stunning panoramic views all the way. One or two ups and downs on last part of the walk but nothing to worry about. Well signposted route, one road crossing of busy main road.

  • yurybolotin54 11.11.2018

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    Elevation gain and loss 500 m info is misleading due to gps failure. In reality not more than 200 m. Very nice trail. Before crossing the road there is an easy ascent - some 30m up - to Artemis trail, adding some 6 km of beautiful trail.

  • Foto von HikingFun

    HikingFun 30.06.2019

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    Beautiful trail, not crowd even in main tourist season very well marked!

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