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bei Labramarca, Cusco (Peru)

Ausangate circuit with start & end in the village Pacchanta. The dirt road to Pacchanta (4350 masl) is in good shape and any car will make it. This way you can skip the traditional start/end in Tinke and the boring ascent/descent over dirt roads. We got up in our own car but taxis from Tinke are also available. Be sure not to pay the illegal road tax in Pichimuru.

We did the circuit in two full days of walking plus two hours from Pacchanta to Upis and two hours on the last day down to Pacchanta. We spent 3 nights on campsites and two of them were paid (5 and 10 soles). You can also find other free camping spots on the way.

The only difficulty on the trail is the altitude (all the time over 4300 masl, campsites at 4500+ m and two passes of around 5100), thus a proper acclimatization is required. The path is mostly easy to follow and marked.
There is also a direct way from pass Palomani


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