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bei Gawana, Cordillera (Philippines)

One-day hike from the township of Barlig to the summit of mighty Amuyao and back. Once you find your way through the warren of baranguay alleyways and adjacent rice paddies the trail would be pretty straightforward. There´s actually only one way up and the some one down so you won´t need a local guide to climb the mountain.

There´s a basic (and very run-down) shelter at the summit and couple of camping sites further down the way to Cambulo. If you plan to traverse the mountain and hike to Cambulo (3 days/2 nights) or even Batad, arranging a guide is strongly recommended.

The detour to Pula is impassable at the moment (April 2016) due to the typhoon wreckage.

Mount Amuyao (just beneath the peak)

You can take some rest as there´s a makeshift table and bench. I reckon the views must be astonishing form this spot. Unfortunately it was pretty cloudy and foggy by the time we climbed the summit.

The summit of Mt. Amuyao

The summit reaches up to 2.701m.

A forest on the ridge


A well

There´s supposed to be a well not far away from the main trail but we haven´t checked it out though.

By the Barlig bridge


Barlig rice terraces


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