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Hochgeladen 27. April 2017

Aufgezeichnet April 2017

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418 m
17,36 km

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bei Carataunas, Andalucía (España)

Very nice walk with a just a small difficult hike before reaching Canar, afterwards perfect route.

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  • Frank Smit 29.04.2017

    Our route started in Bayacas where we headed to Canar, this was also the hardest part due to the fact that for one part the route was a little difficult to track. But with the GPS on the phone it was ok-ish. After a nice lunch in the local bar in Canar (for about 40 minutes (included in the total track time) we continued our route towards the most northern point all the way down to Orgiva, where we took a nice drink (around 20 minutes, also included in the total track time).

    All in all a nice walk, which was easy to navigate and offered good options for lunch (Canar) and drinks (Orgiva). Total walking time around 4 hours.

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