798 m
317 m
15,85 km

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bei Būrabay, Soltüstik Qazaqstan (Kazakhstan)

Small hike to local highlands. Regarding the terrain, it is quite easy. However, I classify this as moderate because of the heat, sun and lack of water. There is only one small water stream on the northen descent (marked on the map as well), so make sure you have enough with you. There are numerous small beach booths on the way who sell refreshments.

Sadly I lost the trail before getting to the top. Lack of water and late hours made me turn back. The red dot road markings disappeared for the last quarter of the ascent. However, once you find and follow the trail, it should be easy to reach the top as there were many people talking and laughing.

I would leave the final 70 meters ascent to the followers.


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