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bei Caprona, Toscana (Italia)

The trail to the tower starts in Via di Crespignano: you have to take the path on the right. You will probably see a bar. Ignore it, as it is intended to keep cars and trucks off. The trail is large and clear, but slippery and quite steep. Bring water during hot days, you will find poor shade before the quarry. The first intersection will bring you to the Tower (not on this gps track), be careful as it is a big jump with no protection on the underlying mine and the tower itself risks collapsing. After the tower, the trail keeps on going up, until a big intersection (la Focetta); you will recognize it thanks to two big electric poles. If you want, you can take one of the paths on the right to explore the abandoned quarry of Uliveto. Once again, there is no protection on the borders of each level, so it requires the utmost attention. On the third floor there is a grotto (Buca della Cava), but it requires to be experienced speleologist with proper gear and training to be explored.
There is more than one way to get down the mountain. The one we choose, walks through a private property. It is ok to pass the gate (close it behind your back), the owners don't mind people passing by (as long as you do not bother them!), but be aware of the possibility of encountering sheepdogs.
The trail ends in a little alley in the small village of Noce. Keep on walking with the mountain on the right to get on the main road (try to avoid walking on the roadway). You will see now the quarry from below, that is quite impressive with its large boulders used to practice rock climbing. The track ends a little further, right below the tower of Caprona.


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