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bei Castelvecchio, Umbria (Italia)

This walk provides lovely views of both the Valnerina and Castoriana valley. The descent is quite steep and walking boots/shoes are essential and the walk is unsuitable for most children.

It starts from the parking area outside Il Collaccio Holiday Farm and is recorded as far as Corone. From here there are a number of routes to return to the start point and make a circular route. More detail attached to waypoint photos.

A number of return route alternatives. Coffee shop en route and excellent lunch restaurant next to start and finish point.

Start point

From Il Collaccio follow the white road in a westerly direction


Bear left at this waypoint

Leave track

At this waypoint you need to bear right. The track is not distinct so follow the tracking on the map.

Start of Descent

There is a narrow track just to the left of the pylon. However prior to descent their is an interesting diversion. Keep right and follow the aqueduct to the point where the water plunges down huge pipes to the electricity generators. An interesting piece of 1930s industrial architecture to see before retracing steps to waymark to begin descent. Follow the recorded route carefully as the path is indistinct in parts.

Final descent to road

The last few metres require care especially in wet conditions. Good footwear essential. For a coffee turn right for Bar Angolo (100m) Follow road leaving for a period to walk through meadows. Rejoin road for short distance before turning right to cross river and walk to Corone along well defined riverside track.

Rejoin road at Corone

There are option to return to start. You can take the track almost opposite (photo), or walk along the road to the other side of Corone and then bear left to return via the Il Collaccio back exit Road.


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