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bei Cuccaro Vetere, Campania (Italia)

This trail leads from the site named "Acqua della Conche" near to Cuccaro Vetere, to the sanctuary sited on the top of the Gelbison Mount wandering, for a large part, by some trails, marked with signs in white and red, on the slopes of the Doe Mount and Dark Mount.
Starting from the pic-nic area of "Acqua delle Conche", we go across the undergrowth torward E up to a litte gap that leads to a trail. This intersection is marked as "513".
We take the trail turning on the left (N direction), having the upper course of the River Lambro on our right, and we arrive after a little to a small pic-nic area from which it is visible the South slopes of the Gelbison Mount, and the Western ones of the Dark Mount.
From this point, continuing on the right on the path, leaving the Dark Mount on our left side, we can get to the location named Neviera, or, turning in the direction of N we can intercepted another path (marked as "539a") that runs along the W slope of the Dark Mount. The first section stretches through the woods to a little river source and a sort of ruined fountain, from this point it climbs uphill to the "Pietra dell'Erba" offering panoramic views of the upper valley of the River Palistro.
Then the path goes trough into the beech forest in the direction of the Beta Pitch, passing, about at the half of the way, through a glade of ferns.
At the pitch, we take the carriageway for the Sanctuary, which is announced by the heap of stones of the Cross of Rofrano. It is a common practice, in fact, that the pilgrims are used to bring with them a stone to be placed on that heap upon arrival.
The Sanctuary, dedicated to the Holy Mary of the Mount, was founded on the IX century A.D. by the Basilian monks on an earlier sacred site dating back to the Enotri.
The name Gelbison cames from the Arabic "Mount of the Idol" or "Sacred Mount".
From the atop, it offers a spectacular view over the Cilento ranging from the coast to the massifs in the interior (Cervati, Alburni, etc..).
The sancturay is accessible only during the late spring and the summer.

Expected Walking Time (one way) = 4/5 hours
Interception with path marked as "539a"


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