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bei Monte di Luna, Campania (Italia)

This path leads from the Monte di Luna hill, near to Marina di Camerota, to the Iscolelli Point and its neighbourhoods.
The Iscolelli Point is the westernmost point of the Gulf of Sapri and it is the heart of the Sea Natural Reserve of the Coast of Infreschi and Masseta (i.e., "Area Marina Protetta Costa degli Infreschi e della Masseta").

On the top of the Iscolelli Point there is a belvedere that offers a view on the Bay of Cala Bianca and Pozzallo and on the homonymous coast tower. This tower, has many others that are today still present along the Cilento's shores, was erected in the 16th century as lookout points against Barbary pirates, that raided these shores.

From the top a descending path, that on the beginning skirts a little vineyard and hence traverses the "macchia", leads to the Natural Swimming Pools of Iscolelli. They are a couple of very narrow bays protected by rocks that constitute a sort of natural swimming pools that could be accessed only by such trail or by the sea with small boat with very shallow draft operated by authorized personnel since it is part of a natural reserve. It is a great snorkelling site, with very rich sea ground and a lot of sea life.
There are also some tidal pools located upstair on the rocks.
In order to reach the swimming pool from the path some climbing activity on shore rocks is needed.

The main trail from Monte di Luna crosses two creeks, near the Pozzallo and Cala Bianca beaches that are generally dry during the summer. The paths leading to these beaches are actually bed of such creeks, so they are feasible only if the river beds are dry.

The main trail is marked with red and white paint signs on the rocks or trees, excepting the descending path to the swimming pools that is, indeed, marked with green paint and it is not very is easy to follow.

For additional details see also the trail "Cilento National Park - Infreschi Bay" (http://it.wikiloc.com/wikiloc/view.do?id=4373275) that is on the same area.

GPS raw data are courtesy of Gaetano M.

Iscolelli's Swimming Pools

Natural swimming/tidal pools. Interesting snorkelling site. To reach the shore some climbing is required.


Belvedere over Cala Bianca and Pozzallo Beaches

Cala Bianca's Beach


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