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bei Little Hawk Lake, Ontàrio (Canada)

A nice loop trail in the Algonquin Highlands. Several good views of Halls Lake. Trail was well marked and in good shape. Parking is available at the start point and a sign board has a map of the area where several other trails are listed. For more information see Wikiloc listing for Crest of Kennisis/Circuit.

On this hike we skipped the very first (viewpoint #5) and very last (viewpoint #1). We had seen #5 on our previous hike a couple of weeks earlier and it was lacking. The signage was missing for viewpoint #1 and looked like it would be another view of Halls lake (similar to #2, #3 and #4). The hike would be about 500 meters longer if you hit all five viewpoints.

Forest is a mixture of conifers and deciduous, lots of birds and small animals as the trail winds through the area with some descent elevation changes and nice rock outcroppings. Bugs were persistent. Privy available at the start/stop point. Just a few hundred meters down the road there is a restaurant, lodge and marina on Little Hawk Lake.
Where Circuit of 5 Viewpoints (C5V) intersects with the Crests of Kennisis trail (to the log chute). Turn left here to see viewpoint #4 and loop back towards the road.
A nice view of Halls Lake
The trail crosses Little Hawk Lake Road twice. This is the road used to get to the parking area (aka #13).
turn left here, trail transitions from lane to path
turn left here
Intersection of Circuit of 5 Viewpoints (C5V) and the Ridge Trail.
Halls Lake is in the distance
Another glimpse of Halls Lake.
The path widens to a lane at this intersection.
This is the second crossing of Little Hawk Lake Road and is labeled as Pinch Lane.


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