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bei Pórtugos, Andalucía (España)

3h15-3h30 hiking time at casual speed (official info panel says "4h30").

This pleasant circuit takes you between chestnut and oak trees to the bridge at Junta de Los Rios, the place where the Barranco del Jabali and Barranco de la Chorrera join to form Rio Bermejo, with a spectacular waterfall right next to the Picnic Area of Portugos.

Our trail starts at the village bakery of Portugos, where you can get provisions for your hike. Continue up past the church (there is a supermarket nearby, in case you need water). Climb straight up the road across from the church to reach the Lavadero at the top of the village. There the path narrows and ascends thrugh a lush valley along the river among chestnut trees and small irrigation channels (acequias). After you leave the acequia the path gets steeper and a little rougher until you come to the Picnic Area of Portugos. This is the hardest part of the climb, but don't give up! You can already hear the rushing water from far off. The Tajo de Cortes is a spectacular waterfall, more than 20m high, cut deeply into the rock with spectacular shapes.

The trail continues on the gravel road above the picnic area for another 200m before coming to the bridge at Junta de Los Rios. The view froum up here is spectacular! Shortly behind the bridge you leave the gravel road (it is really only a short bit, the rest is all small trails) to descend towards Pitres. The steep path mellows out after a while and you rejoin the river and some more acequias. 1 km before Pitres the trail turns left and right again after 150 m (before the gate to a farm; missing sign post). The path continues down to the main road, which you follow for 300 m. From where the trail resumes it is just a few minutes back to Portugos.

This lovely trail makes an interesting change from the more popular hikes through the Barranco de Poqueira near Bubion (Wikiloc ID 8145959), and the Carrihuelas near Busquistar (Wikiloc ID 6167013). If you dont't have much time, we recommend doing those first, though.

The trail is well marked with the yellow & white PR-A 29 signs -- exept for some missing signs just before and after Pitres.
Turn right
View from the Eras de Portugos
Information panel PR-A 29 'Sendero Rio Bermejo'
Follow the white & yellow signs of the trail PR-A 29
One of the very old chestnut trees
Flowering tree
Acequia (irrigation channel)
Take the trail to your left
View back over Portugos
View over Pitres
Waterfall Tajo Cortés
Area recreativa (with picnic benches and well)
View over Pitres and Capilleria (the small village to the right)
Above the waterfall
Nice place for a picnic at the Junta de Los Rios, the place where the Barranco del Jabali and Barranco de la Chorrera join to form Rio Bermejo,
Turn left
Another possible spot for a picnic
View into the barranco
Rio Bermejo
Leave the road to your left
Era Cruz de Piedra
Entering Portugos
Bar restaurant EL LUJAR (tapas all day & set meal for lunch)


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