• Foto von circuito di Licosa
  • Foto von circuito di Licosa
  • Foto von circuito di Licosa
  • Foto von circuito di Licosa

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Hochgeladen 5. Mai 2015

Aufgezeichnet Mai 2015

339 m
-28 m
14,56 km

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bei Ogliastro Marina, Campania (Italia)

ESCURSIONE PUNTA LICOSA – Percorso: Ogliastro marina (2 mslm) – Pietà - Cozzo dell'Arena – Torricella rudere (325 mslm) – Monte Licosa cresta (335 mslm) Cozzo San Pietro – ex Semaforo – Sant'Antonio - stradone da san Marco – porticciolo di Licosa – Punta Licosa – Punta della Scala – baia della Bella – Torre di Mezzo (rudere) – Punta d’Ogliatro – Ogliastro Marina - Circuito: 16/17km dislivello: 333 m difficoltà: E - tempo di percorrenza: 6/7 h

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  • Foto von zipizape67

    zipizape67 05.05.2015

    con circa 80 persone e l'organizzazione della LEGA NAVALE ITALIANA sez. SALERNO

  • Foto von bombaybelle

    bombaybelle 26.08.2016

    Note that there is gate at Ogliastro that is sometimes closed which blocks road access-- not everyone is let through. If it is blocked, then you can cut off the road to and skirt through some trees and into a parking area for cars. You can also follow the trail that runs between the road and the water, but at some points this is blocked or requires you to enter the water to get around corners. It is beautiful though, especially from Punta Licosa to Ogliastro.

  • Foto von silvestro calabrese

    silvestro calabrese 17.08.2018

    Molto bello anche in Mtb

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