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Hochgeladen 26. Februar 2016

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bei Conil de la Frontera, Andalucía (España)

We started our walk on the Camino Hijuela de Lojo where there is ample parking space. Walking down the road you come upon a first viewpoint from where you can see the Faro de Roche, our destination, to the north and the Faro Trafalgar to the south.

The first part of the walk is through a recently landscaped park and once you reach the small path through the bushes on the cliffs you will have an unimpeded view of all the scenic beauty around you.

Reaching Fuente del Gallo you go down 15 metres on steps and reach a beautiful spot to sit and watch the surfers that have their haunt there and enjoy the view.

After that you will have to up and follow the road for a couple of kilometres until you have crossed the Arroyo del Pradillo. Then you can take a path again that first gives you some beautiful views and then descends to a small beach where the Arroyo del Quinto flows out into the ocean.

Going up again alongside a fence of private property you will reach the top of the cliffs again and follow a beautiful track of red coloured rock and earth that leads you to the Cala del Aceite, where you descend to a beautifully situated small and cosy beach.

Follow the track across the sand until you see it disappear up into the cliff. It's easy to go up, only on the last two steps you might have to use your hands to steady yourself.

Up on the cliff again we followed a small track to the left which gives you some nice views of the harbour but at the end it is very small indeed and might be dangerous for young children.

Upon reaching the CA-4202 we took a small path for a short detour back to the road (you will see a beautiful rock formation alongside the Rio Roche) and you can also walk further on following a track called Sendero de Roche, but we walked the road up towards the Faro de Roche. There is a bench there and it is a beautiful place to picknick and enjoy the view back to Conil de La Frontera and further on all the way to the Cabo Trafalgar.

The walk back to Conil speaks for itself; we made two small detours inland but you could obviously also follow the same track back.

View on Faro de Roche from Cala del Suario


Cala del Acete


Faro Roche


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