• Foto von Corfu Trail
  • Foto von Corfu Trail
  • Foto von Corfu Trail
  • Foto von Corfu Trail
  • Foto von Corfu Trail
  • Foto von Corfu Trail

Zeit  7 Tage 9 Stunden 59 Minuten

Koordinaten 12563

Hochgeladen 10. November 2013

Aufgezeichnet Oktober 2013

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898 m
-21 m
244,21 km

angezeigt 6996 Mal, heruntergeladen 361 Mal

bei Kávos, Ionian Islands (Greece)

More information about the magnificent Corfu Trail is available at http://www.thecorfutrail.com/ where you can get your registration (for support) and a complete description of the trail.

The official trail is 10 days, but we walked it in 8 days because it was not always evidence to find an overnight location. Some days we had also to step away from the trail to find sleeping facilities.

The waypoints named "Corfu Trail Dx Exit" are the places where we left the trail to get to the apartments/studios (These locations are named "Dx ").

The track provided is almost the official trail. Contact me if you want a track with the official trail only, I am working on it.

2 Kommentare

  • Foto von Ornella Gabrielli

    Ornella Gabrielli 10.09.2015

    Very good! Bravo Paul!

  • irabrown 11.07.2018

    I've walked most of the island now and this is actually NOT A TRAIL but following mainly the island's paved roads. There are small (by comparison) portions of actual trail connected by large segments of paved road. Maybe in the winter it could be enjoyable, but in the summer there is quite heavy traffic of tourist busses, cars, motorbikes etc. Nobody has to actually believe me, just compare the "Corfu trail" map with a map of the roads of the island.
    Not saying it's not enjoyable but it's not a trail.

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