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bei Dardhë, Berat (Albania)

Tomorri is probably the best known mountain in Albania. It has religious significance, and there is a shrine on the (lower) south summit, also called Mali i Kurbanit or Mali i Babait. The south summit is separated from the higher north summit - called Cuka Partizan - by a 10 kilometer long ridge. The ridge is difficult and the best way to reach the Cuka Partizan is to climb it from the north side.

Mount Tomorri can be seen from far away, as long as the visibility is good and the summit is not shrouded in clouds.

Many ambitious hikers may have wondered how to get to the summit. Not so the shepherds who seem to travel to the Cuka Partizan sometimes. There is a trail to the summit, but this is nevertheless a tough hike. The path crosses steep gravel slopes and often talus. Most importantly, more than 1450 Meter elevation gain have to be overcome from the trailhead.

At waypoint A, there is the option to reach (on the left) a higher "path" through steep gravel, while the indicated trail leads through more blocky terrain. Both paths meet again at waypoint B.

Cuka Partizan has two highpoints, which are close to each other. We went to both.

It might be possible, particularly on the return, to chose some shortcuts. While these may cut short the way, they may not save a lot of time - though they may avoid some herds of sheep and their dogs!

For information on how to reach the trailhead, visit "Gramsh to Berat via Tomorri". Very difficult from Gramsh, easy from Berat.

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Cuka Partizan - 2416 Meter

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Water 1

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7 Kommentare

  • Foto von Gams

    Gams 29.04.2013

    Ich bin diesem Trail gefolgt  Mehr anzeigen

    The difficulty arises mainly from the duration of the hike and some slight exposure in the summit area. The first part of the ascent gives insight into traditional shepherds' living, the middle is a bit grueling, the last quarter from the turn at the head of the valley is exhilarating. After having seen Tomorri from the valley across half of the country's length it's great to finally face the extension of the whole massif from south to the northern summit.

  • ardit700 16.04.2014

    Such a great hike! Do you think it would be possible to explore Tomorri with a mountain bike?

  • Foto von Palmtreeproduction

    Palmtreeproduction 16.04.2014

    Tomorri can be explored from all sides though not to the summit. I am not an expert in mountain bikes, but I do not think you can do this trail with a bike. It crosses some steep gravel slopes and through some talus (loose rocks), and you would have to push or carry your bike.

    The southern summit (not covered here) has a religious monument on top, and there is road leading up to it. Its close to 2400 meter altitude - but not the "real" summit. Good luck

  • Tommy44 23.06.2014

    This route looks very interesting - When I download it though it just produces codes / random numbers any idea why? Is there a way of getting a map / os map for this?


    Tom /outdoor-trails/cuka-partizan-tomorri-summit-2416-meter-3293303#wp-3293305

  • Foto von Palmtreeproduction

    Palmtreeproduction 23.06.2014

    Coordinates are just numbers, which may look very random! :)

    You need to choose the correct file format for downloading (gpx, kml or gdb).

    You then need the correct software program to open it. gpx is pretty universal and can be read by many mapping software.

    kml is for viewing trails in Google Earth or Google maps, good if you want to print your own satellite views or maps using Google earth

    gdb is for garmin devices and software (like BaseCamp, or Mapsource). BaseCamp can be downloaded for free.

    There is also the free GPSBabel software, which can translate every "GPS language" into another one.

    If you have a Garmin device, you can download the "bunkertrails" map, which has topographic features and contour-lines down to 10 meter. We couldn't have found many of these trails without it.

    More details on


    Best /outdoor-trails/cuka-partizan-tomorri-summit-2416-meter-3293303#wp-3293305

  • Foto von dveljic

    dveljic 05.09.2019

    Great hike. Can I reach by car to the starting point and which type of road is there, asphalt or not? Thanks

  • Foto von Palmtreeproduction

    Palmtreeproduction 05.09.2019

    The easiest way to the starting point is from Berat. Turn off the main road at the Vodice. From here it is dirt road, but usually in good condition. see


    The road should be possible in a regular car, up to the village of Dardhe. Before you reach Dardhe, you pass the way point 'fork'. Going left leads to Dardhe (not difficult), going right brings you closer to the starting point. If your car cannot do the latter, park at the 'fork' or in Dardhe, and start walking from there.

    Good luck

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