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bei Afiónas, Ionian Islands (Greece)

Double bay & stillanos cave

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  • shapira.shirly 12.06.2018

    Park the vehicle at the point where I started the recording or anywhere else, and walk 300 meters to the starting point. Marching in small, beautiful streets to a cafe with a sign that shows the route. Go down to double bay. The descent is on stones that create a staircase. When I got down, I did a refreshing break and went into the water (cold ....). Then I continued toward the cave, after about 300 m there is a red marking to the left (a climb of less than half a minute) with an amazing view over an isolated bay. Then you can go on to the cave (I continued) but really not necessary. It is a small chapel measuring 1.5 square meters. Returning to double bay. I went into the water again. Then start climbing back ... not simple but do not have to take breaks in the middle. Toward the end I cut to the left because I was supposed to reach the sign again, but it was possible to continue with the path until you reached the starting point. Enjoy. Amazing trip. Uniting the good ones we did

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