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bei Swingate, England (United Kingdom)

Short walk ideal if you only have little time, e.g. if you are staying the night before the ferry leaves, and you do not have much time before the sun sets... This track takes you about 1 hour. You need to get to the National Trust parking lot of the White Cliffs of Dover. A smaller parking lot is open even after the National Trust center closes. From here, you have an excellent view of the ferry docks. It is an excellent spot for watching the darkness settle in and observe the hustle and bustle in the docks, and the ferries moving in and out towards France. You follow small trails along the edges of the cliffs east, and after a while you end up on the official trail towards St Margarets. You follow this a bit inland past Langdon Hole, a green depression in the cliffs until you get to the other side. Here you turn back on a path on the edge of the cliffs where you will find the access to a small serpentine-like path clung to the cliffs which used to bring you down to the sea. Now the last part of the path has crumbled away, so you cannot get down all the way, but it is nice going down as far as you can. There are the remains of a boat stranded on the rocks below this path. After going back up the serpentines you continue following the path close to the cliffs. After a while you get onto a broad track just above the ferry docks and below some of the cliffs. Below where you started you turn right on a smaller path getting you back up to the parking lot.

Lower Path

This is a broad track just above the Eastern Docks and below some cliffs.


Here a small path starts winding its way down to the sea. You cannot go all the way down to the beach due to cliff fall. Remains of a boat can be seen on the rocks below the path. The last picture shows you how the serpentine path looks from the ferry.

View across ferry docks

From the parking lot and the little pasture in front of it you have an excellent view across the ferry docks

White Cliffs Country Trail

Here you get to the main path between the National Trust center and St Margarets.


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