Koordinaten 428

Hochgeladen 2. Januar 2017

516 m
356 m
7,11 km

angezeigt 943 Mal, heruntergeladen 17 Mal

bei Drási, Crete (Greece)

First trail at 2017 from Drasi to Adrianos to visit the caves and to pick some greens.The most on concrete or dirt roads and some in the river for the greens.The highlight of the trail is the caves,special maridon cave.Hide pearl for the area.Magical place just 5minutes from the road going to gorge.Atzigkanospilios also is very intresting but crawl is neccessary for to visit all of them. The village is cute,many goodmornings and happy new year with the last,few residents.
Then we walk to river by sides for greens.We pick up many 'provatses' and 'galatsides' for salad.Much snow around at mountains and excellent temperature(10c) for hiking.
41/2 hours, the 2 of them for greens.
Torch is important for caves.
Some fences, all with passages,no problem.


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