Koordinaten 466

Hochgeladen 11. September 2016

982 m
331 m
11,73 km

angezeigt 484 Mal, heruntergeladen 15 Mal

bei Drási, Crete (Greece)

Drasi to Lagkada excelent. Warm up for 1.6km and then easy ascent to 4.7 with mini stops for water and to see around the area. Then we continue the ascent to reach first the col and then the highest peak of our trek above Mauro dasos(Black forest). Some problems because is not path or is in some parts from goats. The forest thear is densely so we spend time to find exit.After that we reach peak at 1000m with very nice view from Dia island outside heraklion city, till psira island at Sitia area. Now descent with carefull, not path and terrain is stone like knifes, exhausting. That s why we are change our plans to walk all the ridge until near vrysses and in kavalaras area we decide to go down who is also very bad terrain. We are expected to finish our trek in 5hours but we spend 7.
Epilogue: Until lagkada, aprox 4.6km and back is very nice trek for every one,also you can go closer to lagkada by car ,to 1.6km and to go straight in. 3km up and another 3 down. If somebody want to go until peak they can do it no as we do but to go straight from the end of lagkada up north, is obvious path from goats with red ground,easier than our ascent to col. The problem with this trek is the descent from highest point to the rest of ridge. Is very nice but hard dificult and exhausting.


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