• Foto von Dreiborner Hochfläche
  • Foto von Dreiborner Hochfläche
  • Foto von Dreiborner Hochfläche
  • Foto von Dreiborner Hochfläche

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Uploaded 25. Oktober 2016

Recorded Oktober 2016

630 m
458 m
9,77 km

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bei Schöneseiffen, Nordrhein-Westfalen (Deutschland)

The Dreiborner Hochfläche (the High Plateau of Dreiborn) is part of what used to be a restricted area used for military exercise. For many years, no commercial or touristic activity was allowed. Following the suspension of military activity, the area became part of the Eifel National Park - meaning it is left on its own save for trail maintenance.

The area clearly has a touch of wilderness, and - because of its many years of relative isolation - offer new territory even for long-time Eifel buffs. Among them the trail along the Viehbach and later the enchanting Wüstebach valley. Eventually, we cross the Mühlenbach and return across the plateau.

Especially on the plateau, there are many ways or corridors previously used by the military. It is not allowed to follow them, so as to allow the wilderness to take over. While this seems to be restrictive to the intrepid hiker, it makes good sense - especially as the existing and maintained trails provide ample enough opportunity to take in the views and atmosphere of the national park (regrettably not photos available).

The hike starts at the cluster of windmills of the Dreiborner Hochfläche - an impressive sight on its own. The plateau is clearly very conducive to harvesting the energy of the wind.

While this is a relatively short loop (ca. 9.5 kilometers) for an invigorating afternoon or morning hike, there are many opportunities to extend the hike furhter, including to Vogelsang, Erkensruhr, and the Rursee.


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