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bei Hejnice, Liberecký (Czechia)

The route starts and ends at the Basilica of the Visitation and Monaster in Hejnice. The church is a nice sight. Supermarket with supplies is close by, and plenty of parking spots. The first part of the trail is through Hejnice and Ferdinandov, two small Czech villages. The second part takes you through a sand road up and in to the mountains. The third pard is more rocky and requires some better shoes. You walk along a nice small river. Sadly I couldn’t finish the trip, because of bad weather. If you do walk a bit further along the path, you will reach the top of the mountains and have a great view of the area.

In to the forest

After the two villages you reach the edge of the forest. This is the point where the paved road ends and the sand road starts.

Table and monument

This is a great place to get A small break. After here, the sand road gets more rocky and the view changes from forest to more rocky.

Wooden bridge

Some big rocks, boulders and a wooden bridge. I crosser the bridge to take the more comfortable way up. Sadly because of bad weather this was the end point for me. Do hike a along and enjoy some stunning views of the area. The road is more grassy here and less rocky.


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