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  • Foto von From yangbi to Dali
  • Foto von From yangbi to Dali
  • Foto von From yangbi to Dali
  • Foto von From yangbi to Dali

Fahrzeit  6 Stunden 16 Minuten

Zeit  ein Tag 5 Stunden 48 Minuten

Koordinaten 2722

Hochgeladen 24. November 2018

Aufgezeichnet November 2018

4.071 m
2.177 m
14,94 km

angezeigt 44 Mal, heruntergeladen 4 Mal

bei Panjiawan, Yunnan (China)

2-3 days hike, crossing a mountain range from yangbi to Dali.
First day you start at a village close to Dali name- guamgming
From the hike up the mountain around 1200 M.
The beginning is in an easy road very clear. After a while the way up becomes unclear and not eat walk. At some point the land becomes flatter and with grass, a fine spot to sleep. We walked up for several hours more. And slept on a ledge at 3400, not open but flat at some points. Enough for fire and sleep.
Second day was very hard, only 700M more to go but you up and down stopped hills all the way. Reaching to 4,200M. If there is wind it’s very and maybe even impossible to walk.
After the pick only going down. At some point the road because a stairway and it’s easy. We were late even thought we started our day at 8. And hitchhiked back to town.


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