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bei Ifonche, Canarias (España)

A walk to two springs, the Fuente de Las Pilas and the Fuente El Chorillo on recently recovered and signposted paths in the Ifonche region. The route also visits the spectacular 'waterfall' viewpoint in the Barranco del Rey. There are superb views throughout the walk including those into the Barranco de La Fuente. There is also a section of road walking into the hamlet of Ifonche, although it is relatively traffic free. Refreshments are available at the El Dornajo restaurant (closed Thursdays).

Waterfall in Barranco del Rey


Fuente Las Pilas


Restaurante El Dornajo



2 Kommentare

  • bennie-be 21.06.2017

    Ich bin diesem Trail gefolgt  Mehr anzeigen

    I would skip the first part and start the hike at 'El Doraje'. The first part is only a little bit walking in the nature, rest is walking on the road...

  • Foto von Morfar Jinko

    Morfar Jinko 27.01.2018

    Ich bin diesem Trail gefolgt  verifiziert  Mehr anzeigen

    Really a nice trail. Lovely views att many places. Recommended.

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