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bei Hâret el Khassé, Liban-Nord (Lebanon)

Beautiful solo hike crossing two old bridges over "Abou Ali" river, separating the casa of Koura and the casa of Zgharta. The hike started at Haret el Khassa village in Koura following the inner streets of btouratij and Dahr el Ein. Before reaching Bkeftine, a turn to the left will take you through olive tree fields till you reach a hill of pine trees overlooking Bkeftine. From there, you can easily find a way to reach the "Virgin Mary" Monastery of Bkeftine. About half a kilometer past the monastery, a trail to the left will lead you down to the river. This part of the hike is very nice, the trail is relatively unknown and is clean except at the beginning where you will encounter a "rubbish hill" smelling bad.
When you reach the river, take some time to enjoy the sceneries there with the historical bridge and houses. By crossing the bridge, you will be hiking now in "Kfarhaoura" village (casa of Zgharta). A moderate ascent from the valley will lead to the village center. The next village on your way is "Kfarchakhna". At the waypoint "Kfarchakhna village", i recommend that u go back on the road to the right without entering the fields where the trail is totally missing. When you reach "Bchannine", take your right following a dirt road down to the valley where you will be crossing another bridge to get back to casa of Koura (Kfarqahel village). The way back to the starting point is on the road (inner streets with light traffic).
Very bad smell :( Cover your nose!
Find your way
3 Mix ( Ready mix concrete)
Watch your steps
Inner streets
Inner streets


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