• Foto von Hike to Mount Vesuvius
  • Foto von Hike to Mount Vesuvius
  • Foto von Hike to Mount Vesuvius
  • Foto von Hike to Mount Vesuvius
  • Foto von Hike to Mount Vesuvius
  • Foto von Hike to Mount Vesuvius

Fahrzeit  6 Stunden 9 Minuten

Zeit  8 Stunden 31 Minuten

Koordinaten 4302

Hochgeladen 11. Juni 2019

Aufgezeichnet Juni 2019

1.224 m
177 m
25,15 km

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bei Madonna dell'Arco, Campania (Italia)

We decided to go up to Mount Vesuvius from the bottom and our method for looking for a trail was using maps.me. As you can see, not very successful. On the first trail we tried to find, we were told by a farmer that it was closed but we were oriented by another local where the trail started.

It was a hot day and the trail we chose to go up was steep. Only some of the bushes had been cleared so we had to walk through some tall grass. Not fun. We finally found the road which took us to the entrance to pay for admission.

The way down we diverted trying to avoid the crazy Italian drivers which, apart from some areas with thorns and tall bushes, we made it to the town where we took the bus back to Naples. Word of warning when walking on the outskirts of the city: you can find dogs around that can get mighty close to getting a bite out of you. So if anyone tries this trail (doubtful haha), watch out. I carried a stick on the way back!

For the first time I have to say I wouldn't do this hike again. Don't get me wrong, the views and the volcano are beautiful but the whole set up of the park and its condition is infuriating. I guess it's the high price of 10 eur to get hoards of tourists to hike 45 mins to see the crater rim so they can say they've "climbed the volcano," not being able to summit (which for the average person is OK not to; there would be a lot of accidents given all those people!), poor conditions of the trails, trash everywhere we saw; it makes a true hiker and lover of nature sad and angry. I can't recommend this hike for these reasons. I know it's typical Italy but for how much they charge to enter and see the crater, the park should be in much better conditions and certainly have minimal/no garbage. Still, its natural beauty shines through it all.


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