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bei Hinxton, England (United Kingdom)

This short walking trail leaves the Wellcome Genome Center in Hinxton and explores the small English Village of Hinxton. I started this walk just outside Mulberry Hall at 52.08237°N & 00.18427°E. The grounds are very green and lush with walking trails populated by lots of birds, squirrels, and hares. Upon leaving the grounds of the Genome Center turn left heading 326° at the roundabout at 52.07921°N & 00.18826°E.
A short stretch along the A 1301 has no established walking or biking path. I turned onto New Road at 52.08328°N & 00.18584°E to get into Hinxton. Turn right onto High Street at 52.08289°N & 00.18291°E. High Street hosts the historic Red Lion Inn.
Keep right at 52.0882°N & 00.18291°E onto North End Road. This exits at the A 1301 at 52.08882°N & 00.18318°E. I turned left heading 346° along the A 1301 and stopped into the Mc Donald’s at 52.10392°N & 00.17694°E for a warm drink on a cold and cloudy day. I followed the same path back to the Genome Center but did another section of the internal walking trail on the way back to Mulberry Hall.
Happy Trails.
This is the junction from the A1301 onto New Road.
This is the intersection at New Road and High Street Hinxton...
This is the Junction at North End Road and the A1301.
This waypoint sits at the front of the Red Lion Inn...

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