• Foto von Hólar - Hofsá River - Þríhyrningur - (Hagafjall) - Hólar
  • Foto von Hólar - Hofsá River - Þríhyrningur - (Hagafjall) - Hólar
  • Foto von Hólar - Hofsá River - Þríhyrningur - (Hagafjall) - Hólar
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  • Foto von River crossing 2

Zeit  10 Stunden 43 Minuten

Koordinaten 1845

Hochgeladen 2. August 2017

Aufgezeichnet Juli 2017

1.129 m
131 m
19,89 km

angezeigt 506 Mal, heruntergeladen 12 Mal

bei Hólar, Norðurland Vestra (Lýðveldið Ísland)

We decided to take a trip following an official trail to the top of Þríhyrningur (map of trails is located at Hólar University wall) with some modifications because we weren't able to locate any path pointed out on the map.
Firstly, we went along the river to enjoy little gorges and cross the Hofsá in first available place.
The best way to the top follows the edge in it's least steep section.
There are three peaks to reach and first one is the lowest. The second one is rocky and quite dangerous due to movable litlle stones but when you're on the top you can see the surface is flat. If your plan is to get to the very top of the mountain massive called Hagafjall you should keep hiking in eastern direction. If not, there's third peak and getting there from the second one is very easy. the slope remaind gigantic stairs with vertical rocky walls, and its fragments are also very movable. Sometimes you might provoke an avalanche and have to be careful not to fall down with mass of rocks. We pointed out on the map a dangerous way down and don't recommend it unless you are well prepared. It would be better to go back to the first peak and return the same way.

The trip took us about 10 hours 43 minutes with all the little beaks for photos, clothing, looking at map, etc. excluding bigger pauses for eating, about 12 hours in total.





River crossing 1

on our way up

River crossing 2

on way down

Dangerous way down


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