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11,04 km

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bei Brod, Prizren (Kosovo)

Hotel Arxhena above Brod village, Kosovo - Buchka peak (2329m) on Sharr mountain

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  • Q-Man0815 06.07.2017

    Ich bin diesem Trail gefolgt  Mehr anzeigen

    Fantastic trekk with amazing views from the top, I couldn't believe how beautiful the scenery is. On the way up the poster lost the way, you see it in the GPS route where he's following the river and then going left in a right angle. That's a steep climb without path, better go left at the fork 300 meters before an follow the path up (like the poster did on the way back).

    I can recommend to stay in Brod instead of Hotel Arxhena, it's a nice village and to walk from there adds 3 km to the trekk each way.

    Ask at the grocery store in Brod at GPS coordinates 41°59'28.4"N 20°42'19.6"E, they're renting out a room upstairs for 10 € per night.

  • Foto von Zbulo.org - Discover Albania

    Zbulo.org - Discover Albania 08.12.2017

    Very helpful review, thanks!

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