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bei Beihai Binguan, Anhui (China)

If you are reading this in China, you need to select Maps > Openstreetmap or Opencyclemap (which has contours) as Apple Maps and Apple satellite view may not be available.

The Huángshān Scenic Area has become more accessible to tourists since the high speed railway opened from Shanghai to Huángshān běi station 黄山北. Then take the bus to Tāng kǒu 汤口and then to the Yuping cableway. It pays to take the cableway early, 07:00

This is a day hike, taking the cableway up and hiking down. All paths are paved with stones and steps. Trekking poles are useful for the descent.

From the top station of the Yuping cableway., hike to Lotus Peak (莲花峰), 1864m the highest peak in the Huángshān Scenic Area. The summit may be very crowded so you need to follow the one way system that goes clockwise round the summit.

Keep a lookout for thunder clouds building up as this would be a dangerous place in a thunder storm.

It was not possible to visit the spectacular and precipitous Celestial Capital Peak (天都峰), 1810m in 2019 because it is closed from 2019 to 2023.

Walk down the steps back to Mercy Light temple and take the bus back to Tāng kǒu 汤口
From the summit of Lotus Peak
Turn left to go up to the summit.
Celestial Capital Peak
The start of steps up to Celestial Capital Peak (天都峰), 1810m, closed from 2019 to 2023.
Steps down from Celestial Capital Peak (天都峰), 1810m, closed from 2019 to 2023.


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