• Foto von Huangshan Yellow Mountain
  • Foto von Huangshan Yellow Mountain
  • Foto von Huangshan Yellow Mountain
  • Foto von Huangshan Yellow Mountain

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1.802 m
859 m
13,92 km

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bei Kuzhuxi, Anhui Sheng (China)

Climbing the famous National park Huangshan Scenic Area (Yellow Mountain), in Anhui province, Southeastern China, is never easy, not only for the hard way itself, but for the thousands of persons doing the same at the same time. No matter if you get there at 6AM (like me), it will be crowdy, so you better improve your patience. Despite that, it's an exciting and lovely hiking, 100% recommended. The track is about going up 1.800 metres of altitude, from the East Gate, and hiking it down through the West leg until the West Gate, adding 1.800m more. Don't forget your waterproof clothes, water (2 litres minimum) and food. Although they're selling drinks and food, the more altitude you reach, the more expensive is. It takes more than 8 hours to do it. If you're lucky, the low clouds and the fog will disappear once you get to the top.

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  • Leo Luigi 15.01.2019

    Ich bin diesem Trail gefolgt  verifiziert  Mehr anzeigen

    This climbs through the eastern steps and goes down through the western steps. While on the top part of the mountain you have many paths to choose from, I didn't follow the one suggested.

    The trail is accurate for the way up (eastern steps). But for the way down (western steps) wikiloc kept saying I was out of trail, even though I was not. This was not a problem at all as the path is clearly marked.

    100% of the way is paved, with steps (that go on forever) . Your shoes will not touch soil once.

    There are English signs everywhere but it is still a little confusing sometimes.

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