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bei Xiaoyao, Anhui (China)

Day 1

Take a Friday night train from Shanghai to An Hui province, get off at a small unknown town, then head to an ancient village. After a local breakfast, take a tour around this very well preserved hundred years old village, wander around in the little old street, check some beautiful Ming or Qing dynasty houses, then pay a visit to the Hu Shi Ancestor Memorial Hall. Do you know Chinese president Hujintao is named after Hu? You will probably figure out the connection.

Later on we will drive to the starting point of the ancient Hui Hang Caravan Trail, then start our trekking, following the footprints of the Anhui merchants.

Almost unknown to tourists, Hui Hang Caravan Trail was the ancient route linking Anhui province with Zhejiang province. As its name suggests, the trail was used to transport tea from Anhui in exchange for grains in Zhejiang. Thanks to the trail, locals can save at least 50 kms traveling. Also the trail across a landscape of beautiful mountains, bamboo forests, ancient villages, colorful fields¡­We will hike a portion of the route, starting from Fuling, climb up to Jian Chuan, then Jiang Nan No.1 pass. Later in the afternoon, get to a country guesthouse called Xia Xue Tang, stay overnight there. A nice country meal and some drinks around a fire are necessary before we sleep soundly in the heart of mountain.

Day 2

Keep hiking on this beautiful trail, enjoying the stunning view, and hiking itself will be much easier, most likely going down. After 3 hours, we will get to a small village, then take a bus to Hangzhou, catch a train back to Shanghai.

Friday: N418, 22:35 PM train leaves Shanghai to Jixi
Saturday: 8:10 am arrives in Jixi
Sunday: Take the train from Hangzhou to Shanghai in the afternoon

HuiHuang GuDao 徽杭古道

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