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Hochgeladen 2. Mai 2016

Aufgezeichnet April 2016

2.600 m
1.112 m
6,07 km

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bei Hunduan, Cordillera (Philippines)

The first part of two-day Mt. Napulauan trek. The trail ascends steeply from Hungduan Poblacion and will have to climb approximately 1.500 elevation metres within roughly six kilometres.

Due to us carrying big backpacks all the way up and down, all the humidity and relentless heat, I´ve listed both treks as "Difficult".

On the edge of a forest

The fields give way to the forest from this point on. There used to be a makeshift shelter until one of the typhoons tore it down.

In the middle of a moss forest

The forest has been visibly damaged during the 2015-2016 typhoon season.

A minor summit close to the peak

Really not much to see there.


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