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bei Polag, Cordillera (Philippines)

The second part of Mt. Napulauan trek. There´s a clearing at the summit big enough for up to twenty people to sleep over. Early morning views from the top are truly magnificent (provided that the mist disperses you might be able to see both Mt. Amuyao to the northeast and mighty Mt. Pulag to the south).

The descent to Hapao is nearly as demanding as the ascent from Hungduan Poblacion. First you have to hike through the forest frequently climbing over the fallen trees or crawling beneath the ones leaning over the trail. Than you finally walk out of the forest just to experience the punishing morning heat.

This trail finishes at Bogya hotsprings, where you can also bath in the cooling waters of local river.

Along the way to Hapao

Along the way down the view is usually obscured by the forest all the time. This was one of a few opportunities to see the nearby mountain ridge (Mt. Kapiligan)

A shelter near the uppermost end of Hapao rice terraces

A good place to rest a little bit and to hide away from the scorching sun.


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