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bei Husbands Bosworth, England (United Kingdom)

Did this after the snow had thawed, so had to contend with floods. Once or twice had to veer of the footpath. On the Grand Union Canal a tree had collapsed into the canal. Think it must of been caused by the weight of the snow. In Welford you will find two Pubs. Don't bother with the first one, like we did but go straight to the one on the Marina. Nice walk between the two Reservoirs, water was a bit high though(Water was gushing under the bridge in the picture and the walkway had no banks showing each side). Walk on the Jurassic Way for a bit and then down a private Rd that says no access after a bit. If you do go this way you will cross a WWII Air Field. After this you will come across a permitted footpath that says Closed. On my map it says this is a public right of way. Have just found out that the reason the permitted path is closed is because they use the airfield for gliders, so be very careful. The path looks well used.


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