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bei Interlaken, Canton de Berne (Switzerland)

⛰ CAT * Crestejant de Interlaken a Brienz.
30Km amb 2655m de desnivell positiu. Començant al poble de Interlaken, des de l'estació de Harderbahn enfilem el camí de zigzags (800m+ en 4km) que ens porta al mirador de Harder Kulm i des d'allà seguirem uns 6 km de bosc per anar agafant alçada. Arribats a aquest punt, deixem el bosc i comença una muntanya rusa de 10 km de camins i crestes a través de l'Augsmatthorn, Tannhorn, Oberried i alguns cims més per sobre dels 2000m. Abans del Wannenpass vàrem decidir abandonar les crestes degut al mal temps que s'havia girat. Fent el descens per tarteres fins creuar unes granges i agafar un GR que ens portarà a Brienz passant pel salt d'aigua de Mühlebachfall.

⛰ CAST * Cresteando desde Interlaken hasta Brienz.
30Km con 2655m de desnivel positivo. Empezando en Interlaken, desde la estción de Harderbahn, zigzagueamos el camino (800m en 4km) que nos lleva al mirador de Harder Kulm y desde allí seguiremos unos 6km de bosque a la vez que iremos ganando altura. A partir de entonces, dejaremos el bosque y empezamos una montaña rusa de 10 km de caminos y crestas cruzando el Augstmatthorn, Tannhorn, Oberried y algunas cimas más por encima de los 2000m. Antes de llegar a Wannenpass, decidimos abandonar las crestas debido al mal tiempo. Descendemos por pedreras hasta cruzar unas granjas y coger un GR que nos llevará hasta Brienz pasando por la cascada de Mühlebachfall.

⛰ ENG * Interlaken to Brienz through the ridges.
30Km lenght and 2655m of uphill elevation. Starting from Interlaken, at the Harderbahn station we take the trail (800+ in 4km) that lead us to top of Harder Kulm where we keep our way up along 6km of forests. After that, we leave the forest back and follow a 10km rollercoaster of paths and ridges through the summits of Austmatthorn, Tannhorn, Oberried and some other peaks over 2000m. Before to get to Wannenpass, we decided to quit from the ridges due the weather conditions. Descending screes until we cross a pair of farms and catch the GR that will bring us to Brienz after passing the Mühlebachfall.

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6 Kommentare

  • Foto von DFenollosa

    DFenollosa 30.07.2018

    Is it safe? This way that you did?

  • Foto von Embiem

    Embiem 30.07.2018

    Hi Moreto, depends on the conditions that you'll find. There's some paths where you'll be exposed and if terrain is wet It could be extremely dangerous. We quit from the track on the way to Brienz Rothorn because weather was changing to worst and we found a safety pass to exit before the wannenpass.
    So my recommendation is to check the weather first.
    You can check on the video one of the aerial passes where you are exposed. https://youtu.be/jiRWhEeASq8

  • Foto von DFenollosa

    DFenollosa 30.07.2018

    Okey. Fist of all thanks you very much. Secondly I will do this , I will see the weather and then decide.

  • Foto von DFenollosa

    DFenollosa 30.07.2018

    I gonna to go in September, and I gonna to go alone, would you like to do? Thanks for all.

  • Foto von Embiem

    Embiem 11.08.2018

    Thank you Moreto, it won't be possible for me to travel there on September. But I recommend you to go with someone on this route and also carry enough water and food as you will be on the ridge for many hours without fountains.

  • Jeppe Dannow 04.03.2019


    I wanna do this track in April, so im praying for nice weather! But my question is; Can you camp somewhere along the way? In case you wanna split the hike up in 2 trips :)

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