• Foto von Sandown Beach
  • Foto von Leaving Yaverland
  • Foto von Bembridge bay
  • Foto von Bembridge Harbour
  • Foto von Nettlestone Point
  • Foto von Appley beach

Fahrzeit  4 Stunden 49 Minuten

Zeit  6 Stunden 27 Minuten

Koordinaten 3856

Hochgeladen 10. April 2019

Aufgezeichnet April 2019

97 m
-2 m
24,09 km

angezeigt 35 Mal, heruntergeladen 1 Mal

bei Shanklin, England (United Kingdom)

This was the final stage for us and we loved every piece of it. Please note that a)the application was kept crashing and consequently some large sections were depicted as a straight line. Luckily this was an easy walk to follow with not many different options as the previous ones and with adequate signage and b) after the Whitecliff Bay I took an alternative route based on a map I had mentioning a landslip ahead. However, I have seen no signage confirming the landslip so upon reflection I would not deviate from the main path. If there was a landslip it would have been restored by now.

Sandown Beach

View of Sandown Beach. Due to a mobile malfunction the route was not depicted accurately from Shanklin however, the path was really a straight line.

Leaving Yaverland

More cliffs on the way

Bembridge bay


Bembridge Harbour

Crossing Bembridge Harbour

Nettlestone Point


Appley beach


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