2.573 m
1.671 m
14,21 km

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bei Zinal, Canton du Valais (Swiss Confederation)

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  • Foto von Peter Dequidt

    Peter Dequidt 11.08.2015

    Did this track today, guiding 12 people from our hotel..Ideal conditions (sunny, not to hot).This really is a very nice hike: changing views all over the valley, physically challanging (but not too much), ... all you need for a good Alp-walk.
    Some practicals:
    - we had our picnic in the meadow just after the climb, but before the actual roc: we stopped just after the bridge over the river, with nice view on the Weisshorn. If it is too windy there, just continue for another 10 minutes for the top of the roc.
    - we started at 9:30 at the Zinal Diablons-hotel, and were back there at 16:15.2 stops on the climb, one 45-minute stop to have lunch, and a 30 minute break next to the Arpitetta-lake.

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