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bei Anstruther Lake, Ontàrio (Canada)

A weekend canoe trip through the southern section of the park.

Friday: Arrived at the Long Lake Access point around 1:30 and were on the water in a rental canoe shortly after 2:00. Paddled Long Lake to a portage (340 meters long on the south shore) to Buzzard Lake and paddled to our campsite on the south end of Buzzard and arrived before 4:00.

Saturday: In the morning our threesome did three short paddles broken up by 2 portages of 680 meters which got us quickly from Buzzard L. to Mountain L. to Stoplog L. where we set up camp while it was still the morning (the site was not booked on the previous night).

The rest of the day we went exploring and did a loop through several lakes. North on Stoplog, Compass, Cherry, Triangle and then hiked the 1275 meter portage trail to Cox lake. Our return was back through Triangle and the west side of Cherry, a portage in to Turtle and then a long portage back to Stoplog getting back to our campsite around 4:00.

Sunday: Left camp shortly after 8:00, north on Stoplog to Compass, three consecutive portages into Loucks Lake, then a 5 km paddle back thru Long Lake to the access point. We finished our trip at 11:30.

Campsite reservations are required and on a busy weekend you should also reserve a canoe (if required). Portages and campsites were all clearly marked, paths were in good shape and the campsites we used were impressive.

Nice scenery, some wildlife and we had some great weather that made the trip very enjoyable.

Portage Long Lake to Buzzard

A dock and a hut are at the portage start point on Long Lake and all portages and campsites are signed. Portage is 340 meters long and in good shape.

Campsite 427

Our campsite for the first night.

Portage end to Vixen Lake

Very early Saturday, I took a quick trip over to look at Vixen lake where there are a couple of island campsites. The portage is 215 meters long.

Portage Buzzard to Mountain

Just south of our campsite was the portage to Mountain Lake. Our first portage of the day was 684 meters in length and a lot easier than the second.

Portage end from Buzzard to Mountain.

The end of the 684 meter portage. Nice lake, the map listed one campsite but we did not see it.

Portage Mountain Lake to Stoplog

Our second portage at 680 meters, while 4 meters shorter was a lot harder than the first one of the day. I got lucky and was on paddles, jackets and hats duty for this one.

Portage end from Mountain to Stoplog Lake

Overall a tougher portage.

Campsite 562

Our campsite for the second night. Interesting site... set back from the main lake but with nice access to a stream at the side and a beautiful pool of water in the backyard. We enjoyed a swim and the secluded nature of this large site.

Portage Stoplog to Beaver Lake

North end of Stoplog was difficult to get through. Water levels were lower in late August and we bottomed out several times. There were 3 beaver dams where we had to step out of the canoe and slide it up and over the dam. The actual portage is 293 meters and had some decent up hill portions.


It took a few minutes of exploring to find a way through this section.

Portage to Cherry

A 30 meter portage around a stone dam, short enough to hand carry the canoe.

Campsite 540

We stopped here for our lunch while we were out for our Saturday explore.

Portage to Cox Lake

The trail to Cox Lake has a distance of 1,276 meters. We hiked it (no canoe or backpacks) to scout out a potential return route to our vehicle.

Portage end at Cox Lake

The Cox Lake portage would be difficult - with length (1,276 meters), elevation change and a 90 degree corner that a guy with a canoe on his head overshot.

Portage at Turtle Lake

A 348 meter portage.

Portage from Turtle Lake to Stoplog Lake

This portage is listed at 993 meters but seemed shorter, which was appreciated (seventh one of the day - 2 with full gear, 4 with canoe only, 1 hiking only). Wiki has it at about 650 meters. I left this last long one for my sons!

Compass portage

Listed at 293 meters with some elevation at the beginning.

Loucks Lake portage

Listed as three separate portages of 70, 397 and 95 meters. With high water levels you might be able to paddle the middle 397 meter section.


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