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Zeit  49 Minuten

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Hochgeladen 14. August 2016

Aufgezeichnet August 2016

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158 m
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bei Komiža, Splitsko-Dalmatinska (Hrvatska)

nice walk from centre of Komiza to a small beach. start following the main road up. Then take to the righr a secondary road. Then it become a trail going down to the beach. On the beach there is what seems to be a military base whose entrance must be the tunnel. Do not try to enter. There are clear sign box on the tunnel entrance. Nice walk... nice view.





Good view!!!

Good view!!!

Chirch Sveti Nikola

Chirch Sveti Nikola

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  • larrydallan 23.09.2018

    Ich bin diesem Trail gefolgt  Mehr anzeigen

    My wife and I attempted this hike on sep 22/2018...the first part of the hike is all uphill (although gradual incline so not too bad)
    As you get up past the church and look back at Komiza, the vista gets more and more beautiful...and walking further up the road it just gets better and better...(we had a sunny day and set off at about 9am, so the light was excellent to shoot pics of Komiza and the surrounding mountains)
    When we got to the path that veers off the main road ( to the right), there is a lookout (great vantage point)
    We walked the concrete path for a few hundred metres and encountered a gate. A smaller rocky path continued to the right of the gate....but we quickly realized that it would torture to continue as there were very thorny bushes and tall grass(possible ticks?) hanging over the trail and we had shorts on with flip flops ...I wished I had a machete and thick gloves to clear the path...maybe next time.
    I would suggest long pants with socks and hiking boots...and if possible a machete.
    Anyway we did not make it to the beach but still had a good walk and got some awesome pics of Komiza.

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