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Hochgeladen 9. August 2016

Aufgezeichnet August 2016

1.954 m
1.373 m
6,91 km

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bei Orto, Corse (France)

Beautiful track to Lac de Melu and Lac de Capitellu.

Totaltime is including:
-Taking photo's
-Stop at Lac de Melu on way up
-Long stop at Lac de Capitellu. (Lunch and swimming)
-Stop at Lac de Melu on way down

I did this track with a fractured foot, thats why it took a bit long.
It is possible to do it faster.

Make sure you take enough water and food!!
Bergerie du Melu
Lac de Melu
Lac de Melu
Lac de Melu
Route Lac de Capitellu
Halfway Capitello
Almost there
Looking down Lac de Melu, from sign Lac de Capitellu
Lac de Capitello
Both Lacs


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