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bei Lafiabougou, Bamako (മാലി)

Easy and short. Close from BAMAKO city centre. Okay for running too

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  • Foto von GerardNL

    GerardNL 30.09.2018

    Ich bin diesem Trail gefolgt  Mehr anzeigen

    I've done this trail today, but combined it with nearby trail "Lassa". That way, it's a bit longer and has a nicer starting point.

    It was interesting to walk around the area and see what farmers are growing. It took us a while before we realised it were a lot of peanut plants. But we also saw beans, ocra and other vegetables along the way.

    The sounds are quite strange. It's nice and quite in the hills, but at the same time, you have all the sounds from the town. Lots of music and also the imams calling.

    The track is not always very clear as it's sometimes quite overgrown or moved due to farming, but still easy enough to find as it's the only track around. It's too bad it's not a circular tracks, but otherwise easy enough to do.

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