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829 m
11,3 km

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bei Ribeira da Janela, Madeira (Portugal)

12 km - 320 m ascent
Rating: 5 out of 5

Parking along the road ER209, where there was plenty of space. The first 6 km along the levada to the waterfall are flat, green and very beautiful through Laurissilva forest. From here you can walk back the way you came, or do the steep 250 m ascent aided by stairs back to the ER209 (where there’s also a parking). We did the climbing and walked back to the starting point along some small trails, avoiding the asphalt road. Especially the part over the Paul da Serra plateau was breath-taking, with fog coming and going. Combined with the first part through Laurissilva forest, this is a very diverse walk.

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  • payno1959 21.05.2019

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    Excellent to follow. Nice circular walk taking in a mixture of terrain including forestry, open land and Levada trails.

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