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bei Longfaye, Wallonia (Belgique)

This short but exciting hike takes you from the village of Longfaye down to the Bayehon valley and back, and includes the beautiful Bayehon waterfall. The hike offers great views across the pastures and hills surrounding the village, including the ski slope at Ovifat, as well as beautiful nature in the valley with woods and fens, and wild streams. I did this walk on a day that there was 45 cm of snow. Most of the tracks however were easy to negotiate as someone had somehow flattened a narrow strip of snow for hikers and snowshoe walkers. Only on the track behind the farm after 450 m, I sunk 40 cm into the snow with each step I took…
There is a steep downhill trail into the valley. There are no facilities on the way. There is a bit of parking in the center of the village.
From the village center you walk up the paved Chemin du Vieux Chêne, and turn right behind a farm on a track towards the Chemin de la Bicoque. You follow this paved road to the end and then follow a track through a country lane to the edge of the woods and the valley. Here you sharply descend to the Bayehon river to cross it on a bridge. You then follow the broad forest track upstream, cross a second bridge and climb to a viewpoint above the Bayehon waterfall. You can go down for a closer look at the base of the waterfall, and then continue to a small refuge at the start of a trail along the Bayehon across the fen. After about 500 m uphill you come to a crossing with a forest track, and then turn left to return towards the village. After 500 m you arrive to the paved Chemin du Vieux Chêne and walk back to the starting point.
Beautiful 9 m high waterfall in the fen river.
Small bridge across the Bayehon at the foot of the steep downhill track. From here, it goes upstream on a forest road.
Bridge at the end of the forest road. From here a track continues upstream.
There is another bridge on the Bayehon here.
Here a forest track takes you back into the direction of Longfaye.
Here you enter the Chemin du Vieux Chêne, a paved road taking you back to the starting point.
Here a steep trail takes you down through the woods to the river.
A track takes you through pasture and along hedges to the edge of the woods.
This small trail takes you parallel to the Bayehon onto the fens.


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